Thursday, September 3, 2015

Net-Zero Modern Farmhaus Video Walkthrough: Life in Beta

We draw and conceive in three dimensions now with a program made by AutoDesk called RevitLT 2015. Today we share a post of our first video walkthrough of a home under design which is really applied research in action.  We taught ourselves how to do this over the last two days. 
      Life in beta we say all the time.  This is the best we can do at this point with our knowledge to date and our visualization expertise.  There's a long way to go to create a hyper-real experience which is not what we're after here.  Nor do we want to go there.
      However, we hope this kind of video storytelling might be helpful to help convey the mood and characters of a design in process helping our clients, their families and team members better understand the richness and potential of their design in three dimensions.
      Here's a video still showing at a clearer resolution the character of the exterior of the home and its arrival sequence. We hope you enjoy this companion image to the video.  Together they make this story more compelling.


Arocordis Design Celebrates Five Years of Serving Inspiring Clients

A Collage of Recent Commercial Interior Work -
copyright Arocordis Design & Stephen Frey 2015
      Montpelier, VT, September 3, 2015– Arocordis Design, an architecture, interiors and workplace design services firm celebrates five years in business serving commercial, residential and institutional customers in Vermont.  We continue to be inspired and look forwards to the next five years.

“Over the last five years we have grown to help a wide variety of customers who share strong sense of mission and core values with a focus on corporate social responsibility; of ‘ doing well by doing good’. Our collaborative drive, infectious curiosity and integrated design sensibilities including a growing focus on workplace wellness and wellbeing, serve our customers holistically, aiding their development and success as organizations.” – Stephen M. Frey

      Arocordis Design and Stephen M. Frey practice high performance workplace, commercial and residential design while engaging greater community and sustainability concerns.  He is building a practice notable for its mission driven design process, focusing on constructing enduring sustainably minded dynamic organizational work cultures.  Currently helping American Meadows with strategic workplace consulting and design services, notable other work includes multiple projects for National Life Group helping them modernize over 150,000 square feet of offices and common spaces serving their complex, the largest office building in Vermont.  Other work includes commercial and interiors projects for the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, AllEarth Renewables, Rural Edge, Vermont Technical College, Montpelier Public Schools and the City of Montpelier.
    Principal Architect and owner, Stephen Frey speaks and writes often locally and nationally about work, workers and workplace with a sustainable mindset.  His articles have appeared in The Burlington Free Press and Free Press Media, Metropolis Magazine’s Point of ViewBlog, LinkedIn, Green Energy Times and locally with the Montpelier Bridge. Recently he organized a panel presentation on best practices in wellness at workfocusing on best practices in workplace design and programs at the 2015 annual Spring Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility conference. In June for Vermont Technology Alliance members and then in August for White + Burke Real Estate Advisors, he gave lunch and learn workshop on emerging trends onworkplace design as well as sharing recent work.  In 2013, Steve spoke at NEOCON East in Baltimore, Maryland on the Modernization of National Life Group’s Headquartersand Mission Driven Design. 
      Arocordis design also practice an artfulness with their design process and their storytelling in that Steve is an active artistand illustrator who frequently creates watercolor illustrations and renderings of project work to help clients and public envision the heart and soul of their projects. Doing so deepens curiosity, engagement and wonder while enriching meaning and purpose. 

Net-Zero ready Mountain Retreat - Illustration by Stephen Frey
The origin of Arocordis:
“Arocordis comes from two latin words: Aro, meaning to till, cultivate and cordis, heart, soul and meaning.  Combined together Arocordis defines their approach to architecture, design, and planning. Our practice dedicated to cultivating inspired sustainable places and spaces.” Stephen M. Frey

Let us know if you have any questions or comments!  In the meanwhile we'll be celebrating as the summer turns into Fall! Looking forwards to celebrating the Autumnal Equinox later this month.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Montpelier Fire Department receives firehouse watercolor gift from Arocordis

     Today members of Montpelier's finest received a watercolor gift from Stephen Frey who painted their Firehouse earlier this summer.
     Steve painted the venerable firehouse for a few reasons. First and foremost doing so was a thank you for their help with an home emergency a few years back one Halloween involving a pumpkin and errant carving knife which carved a hand.
    The other reason is the Firehouse is one of the most beautiful and architecturally interesting buildings in downtown Montpelier. Spending time sketching it across the street in Montpelier's new pocket park taught Steve much about the craft of the building and construction of the front facade. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Hillside Home in Summer: A Watercolor Portrait

Click on the link below to the LinkedIn Slideshare we created of the various design and painting steps of the this home watercolor portrait.

If you'd like to know more about our watercolor rendering work don't hesitate to use the contact form on our website or call us!

Portrait of a Hillside Home in Summer: A Watercolor Portrait

Thursday, August 20, 2015

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Friday, August 14, 2015

A House in Two Volumes: Friday House Moleskin Notebook Sketch

A House in Two Volumes
The Moleskin Notebook Sketches Continues
      This sketch done recently shows a brief study of a house in two volumes connected by yet underdetermined means. (I must sketch more of this from other view points to find out how this might work.)
      Done similarly as before, black fountain pen ink gently smudged with a thin watercolor brush to provide materiality, shade and shadow.  A simple sketch hopefully evoking the possibility of two structures who share an overall whole, perhaps like a relationship or marriage, separate, unique yet together.
      Perhaps I sketch from life experience. I married a librarian and we both tremendously admire and collect books thus the quirky title. I also continue to enjoy framing these sketches the way I do here, while having portions of the drawings jut out hopefully in interesting ways, just like this possible home design's shed roofs, or a porch in some other's I've shared here of late.
      Return here regularly to Arocordis for more sketches like this in the coming weeks.  I feel my Moleskin Sketchbook calling me and my fountain pen often and in unexpected ways.

Taking Reservations for Fall Design Work
If you have any questions about this sketch or any of the projects or services we provide, especially regarding workplace, office and fine residential design do contact us. We are taking reservations for early Fall design work so if you're thinking about beginning to build a project next spring in 2016, now is the time to begin discussions together about your land, builders, your design goals and so on.

Questions, Observations, Comments?
      Don't hesitate to ask us or share  your thoughts about these sketches, ideas and occasional observations.

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