Friday, December 16, 2016

In the News: "Arocordis Design Configures Office Space With Company Culture in Mind"

Winter 2016/2017 - Nest, page 20
      A heartfelt thank you to Seven Days VT for the article in their quarterly Nest publication.  We proudly join the Nest creative community with this story about our design process and work with American Meadows. They are the gardening e-commerce tech company located in Shelburne, Vermont we helped over the last year and a half with design and consulting services showcased in the article below.
      Carolyn Shapiro, a very attuned business and entrepreneurship oriented writer for Seven Days asked lots of very compelling and interesting questions to American Meadows and ourselves.  We really appreciated the oppourtunity to sit down together and reflect. Doing so reinforced our belief workplace design at its very best helps cultivate great places to work and strong, engaging company or organizational cultures.
      What do you think? Do you have a favorite workplace or workplace story? Well if you do please share! We always look for new ideas and inspiration. Tell us your story or favorite memory of a favorite workplace, a people or synergy moment in the comments below.
Winter 2016/2017 - Nest, page 21
 A shout out thanks for the terrific headshot to Jeb Wallace-Brodeur, a photographer for SevenDaysVT and a dear Montpelier, Vermont friend.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Work in Design: Signature Signage Element

       Here's a design sketch of an in progress signage element conceived to front a large 300+  unit mixed use apartment driven development in Phoenix, Arizona.  This would front a busy road helping to create branding visibility to the contemporary styled apartment complex sited next to a complementary styled mixed used development with shops, offices and other functions.  Designed to not compete with adjacent monument signage for the whole development this is intended to highlight the apartments Trellis design spirit. 
      Would integrate into proposed planting design. The structure would be fabricated out of painted metal steel tubing and could be lit in a striking yet tasteful manner with LED lighting so night time is equally inspiring as the day in helping build the brand identity of the apartments.

New Work: National Life Group Dallas Reception Area

View of finished reception desk, planter and wall backdrop
    Earlier in the summer of 2016 we provided interior architectural design services for National Life Group  and their just finished reception area renovation at their Dallas area office location serving over 200 plus employees.  
      Finished this summer, this presents a new face for the Texas location while connecting to company wide aesthetics and brand story. We designed the reception desk area, planter and engineered stone rough and polished cladding, sign marquee (For weight reasons) as well as provided general direction as to wall graphics, furnishings as well as fixed finishes. 
     The design resonates with National Life Group's brand DNA focused on Main Street values with enduring strength and a commitment to weaving together people, planet and purpose. Thus materials and branding imagery were selected to reflect strength, innovation and weaving together.  The end result is a reception area communicating company values to both visiting customers and employee team members alike.
      Our services included extensive pre-visualization design providing alternative design options and then final visualizations of selected materials, colors and lighting for final review and signoff.

Pre-visualization of final design
      Materials used in the reception area redesign ranged from Dupont Zodiaq engineered stone countertop and signage marquee materials, Coronado Stone Honey Ledge Series, satin finish aluminum U-reveals, cherry hardwood veneer paneling at desk and planter, stainless steel recessed planter and planting, 3Form Varia EcoResin decorative panel with a weaving pattern and aluminum hold-offs, Wilsonart laminate tastefully clads the back area of the desk. 
Frontal view of reception desk

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Project Work: American Meadows and High Country Seeds New Workplace

View into common area and meeting shed from open work area
      Driving down Shelburne Road in Shelburne, Vermont a new workplace for American Meadows and High Country Seeds rises along one of the busiest roads in Vermont.  
     Their new workplace displays our mission and values driven design and work process. We designed their interior architecture renovation including front of house offices, meeting spaces, collaboration areas, and shipping/ receiving areas. We provided space planning, workplace strategies and more.  
      We worked closely with the owner on the design who then collaborated with Christine Burdick who provided finishing touches of targeted finishes, furniture selection and wall graphics. 
      Together we created a new workplace environment echoing their brand DNA of a disruptive e-commerce company operating in the gardening and seed space.  The owner purchased the former site of a venerable area outdoor recreation store which became a high end furniture store seeing new possibilities for re-purposing its' tall floor to floor heights and vast open areas into a high functioning collaborative focused open office workplace and seed shipping and receiving warehouse area.  
View from main entry looking deep into open work area
      There's more to be done in the months ahead but these images show what's emerging.  Like their brand, they've planted a new seed in Shelburne providing the area with renewed energy and vitality.  We helped create meeting spaces in close proximity to open work areas and common spaces like the kitchen commons which also doubles as a flexible meeting space.  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Zig Zag House 2 - Project in design

Southeast view at night
Concept floor plan
      A new 1,000 square foot small house, weekend getaway, 2nd home, guest house. Call what you will but it's a ready to go super energy efficient net-zero ready home simply conceived, easy to maintain. If you're of modern design inclination and want to try simpler living within a compact footprint you might consider this design or adapting it to your specific needs, building site, life stage and more.
      Designed for high energy efficiency, comfort and performance, this home design can be tailored to you budget, objectives and aesthetics. If you're curious about integrating the specifics of the exterior building enclosure, insulation levels, types of windows, building systems for heating and cooling to maximize performance and value for you, it's certainly worth a conversation.  
      Shown here as a 1,000 sq. ft. house and 700 sq. ft. garage on a relatively flat site, the overall building and its site features can be adjusted to your own site, your budget and living needs. Consider what you see here as a " beginning take" in a yet to happen collaboration between you and us.  Here we conceive an ideal relationship between building and land, aesthetics and function. But it takes your insight, wants and dreams to make this home design idea come alive. Also, note you have options to build only the house, the house and garage / studio space or perhaps conceive of the garage space as an open carport someday you will build out. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rise Up Bakery Concept Illustration

Our fundraising concept illustration for The  Old Labor Hall - Barre, Vermont - National Historic Landmark, Barre Historical Society Rise Up Bakery feasibility study project. The goal?  Help return to Barre and this historic site, wood-fired artisanal bread baking, community education and #workforce #training for #breadbaking in Central Vermont in the years ahead!