Friday, September 7, 2012

Workplace 2013 and Beyond - Do you have vision and a plan?

It's back to school time so with that it's time to get those 2013 plans in place.  What better time than now to re-examine how your facilities and workplaces operate? Can you do better?  I bet you can!

Check out our questions below.  We offer them to you to ponder.  whether you're in the C-suite, facilities, HR, IT, Finance if afterwards you're left realizing your workplace and facilities have some issues please don't hesitate to contact us.  Maybe we can help you sort them out, assess your situation more clearly, develop and plan for success together.  If we can't help you we'll find someone in our extensive network of expert professionals who can.

Their goal is to help make our workplaces in 2013 a better, more effective  and higher performing with stronger sense of community and purpose, serving the big vision of why you come to work each day.  If these questions help you get there, sparking the necessary conversations around conference tables, board rooms so be it.  They're doing their job!

The Questions:
- Are you looking at your 2013 financial and staffing projections and do you see too little or too much seating, workstations or offices around you?  Do you have enough storage, warehouse space, production areas? Is that a big deal? Will this hurt or hamper you in the coming year.

- Is your Real Estate footprint to big?  Do you have space or property you could re-purpose to rent others or sell?  You'd be surprised how you can downsize work areas, up the amount of collaboration space and reduce your Real Estate footprint.

- Is your office in the right location to serve your business, your customers effectively?  Do you have the right site services, enough parking, the right kinds of visibility etc.?

- Are you wondering and worrying how to attract and retain employees in the coming year to get the work done you're forecasting? Look around your workplace with their eyes.  Would you want to work here?  How could it be different, better?